Triprayar Sree Rama Swami Temple

Triprayar Sree Rama Swami Temple, situated in Thrissur region of Kerala is one of the significant sanctuaries devoted to Lord Rama.

Triprayar Sree Rama Swami Temple
Lord Triprayarappan

The deity Lord Rama in the Triprayar Temple is prominently known as Triprayarappan or Triprayar Thevar. The icon of Lord Rama was at first venerated by Lord Krishna at Dwaraka. After the swargarohana of Lord Krishna, the icon was immersed in the ocean. Later some fishermen got the icon from the ocean close to the Chettuva area of Kerala and the neighborhood ruler Vakkayil Kaimal developed a sanctuary at Triprayar and introduced the symbol. The picture of Rama (Triprayar Thevar) looks like the Chaturbhuja Vishnu structure with four arms, bearing a conch(Panchajanya), a plate (Sudarsana), a bow (Kodanda), and a laurel individually. It is accepted that the divinity revered here has a portion of the parts of Shiva as well. It was subsequent to killing the asura, Khara that Sri Rama got both the Shaiva and Vaishnava perspectives. Accordingly, Triprayar Thevar is additionally called Khara Samhara Moorthy. It is likewise accepted that the depiction of Rama with a laurel held in the picture’s hand is additionally reminiscent of parts of Brahma and thus the god is supposed to be a sign of the Trimoorthis. The picture is enhanced with neckbands and other fine adornments. Pictures of Sreedevi and Bhudevi are on one or the other side. There is a picture of Dakshinamoorthy, in the sanctum confronting the south. Dakshinamoorthy is regularly found in Shiva sanctuaries. There is likewise a light behind the picture which is continued to consume constantly. Due to these and furthermore due to the way that individuals got alleviation when pained by abhorrent spirits chathan-the divinity is accepted to have a Shiva perspective moreover.

Temple Architecture

Triprayar temple is rich in wood carvings. The sreekovil is circular in shape with a copper covered conical roof and is surmounted by a golden Thazhikakkudam. The circular sanctum has several sculptural representations of scenes from the Ramayana with a dynamic and lively vitality of design and form a lavish decoration and an integral part of the architectural edifice of the temple. Its walls are decorated with beautiful mural paintings. The namaskara mandapa, which is copper-plated, is profusely sculptured -having 24 panels of woodcarvings representing navagrahas.
Triprayar Sree Rama Swami Temple

Thriprayar Temple, Thrissur Overview

Triprayar Sri Rama Temple is an antiquated sanctuary that is committed to Lord Rama and is arranged in Triprayar, Thrissur. The superb god loved in the sanctuary is famously known as Triprayarappan or Triprayar Thevar. The symbol of Lord Rama should be visible here holding a conch, a plate, a festoon, and a bow with his four arms. According to legends, it is trusted that Lord Krishna adored the symbol of Lord Rama. After the swargarohana of Lord Krishna, this icon was lowered in the ocean and was subsequently found by certain anglers in the ocean close to the Chettuva area of Kerala. This symbol was then introduced in a sanctuary that was built at Triprayar by its nearby ruler – Vakkayil Kaimal. This sanctuary likewise frames a piece of the extremely renowned Nalambala Darshana Yatra.

The Thrirayar Temple is exceptionally wealthy in wood carvings and contains the Namaskara Mandapam confronting the round sanctum known as srikovil which has 24 boards of wood carvings and various old paintings. There are a few portrayals of the scenes from Ramayana shown in the roundabout sanctum as models. The sanctuary is renowned for the way that it liberates individuals from abhorrent spirits by making contributions to satisfy Thriprayarappan. Celebrations are praised here with tomfoolery and skip around including Pooram and Ekadasi which fall in March-April and November-December individually consistently. Ruler Ayyappa is taken out in a parade with 21 elephants partaking during the Ekadasi Festival wherein individuals from everywhere the nation become a piece of the festival.

About Triprayar Sreerama Temple

The person who changed a tracker into a sacred wise, the person who eliminated the haziness of obliviousness and brought the illumination of insight, the person who pulled in and pleased every one of the universes, the person who claims the heavenly serenade of ‘Rama’; that Sree Ramachandra Swami is favoring all from the well known Triprayar Temple. The significance of this sanctuary is beyond anything that can be put into words. The air of this sanctuary brings colossal bliss to the enthusiasts and the spot looks serene, wonderful, and alluring.

The people who long truly can feel the presence of God. The individuals who have faith in him won’t be upset by the evil spirits. They get physical and profound delight.

Fixing the blue sky as the main priority, which has the shade of Sree Rama, the Nandiyar River streams at the eastern side with the reciting of Rama mantra and contacting the feet of the Almighty. The delightful nature influences its fans with the coconut leaves. At a brief distance, the influxes of the Arabian Sea are additionally tracked down reciting the Rama mantra. As the unmistakable sound of Sree Hanuman, the incredible grammarian and unwavering worker of Sree Ramachandra Swamy, the hints of dynamites are repeating out of control. Hence with every one of the specialties, this well-known Sree Rama Temple keeps its uniqueness from any remaining sanctuaries of Kerala.

Triprayar Sree Rama Swami Temple

Temple location The temple is located 23 kms from Thrissur and 23 kms from Guruvayur.

Temple Timings The temple is open from 4:00 AM till 12:00 noon am and from 5:00 pm till 8:00 pm

Dress code Men should remove their shirts inside the praharam. Women can wear Saris, skirts & Salwar Kameez.

How to reach?

The nearest airport is Cochin and Irinjalakuda is the nearest major railway station. There are buses from Thrissur to this place.

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