Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi temple

Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi temple (Maheswaram Temple) Chenkal

Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi temple

Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi temple (Maheswaram Temple) also known as “DAKSHINA KAILASAM – ദക്ഷിണകൈലാസം” is situated at Maheswaram (Chenkal), 26km away from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Maheswaram Temple is constructed entirely out of Krishna Stone and wood in the traditional architecture of Kerala temple construction. Maheswaram Temple is the Centre of ancient Hindu Culture in Kerala. In front of East Nada there is a huge Nandi followed by 3 storied Rajagopuram. Maheswaram Temple is the only temple in the world, where devotees can worship 12 Jyothirlingam of Lord Siva and 32 forms of Lord Ganesha at one place. MAHALINGAM, the world’s largest Sivalingam having 111feet height is one of the main attractions of Maheswaram temple. MahaSivaratri is celebrated with great pomp at this temple. Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi Temple is the culmination of service to Humanity and to God by Swamy Maheswarananda Saraswathy. Swamiji believes in “Manavaseva is Madhavaseva”. Temple opens every day at 4:30 am and closes at 11:00 am in the morning and reopens at 4:30 pm in the evening and closes at 8:00 pm.

Temple Architecture
Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi Temple is the cradle of Ancient Kerala Culture. This temple is an exhibition of traditional Kerala Architecture of Temple Construction.Temple is built completely out of Krishnastone and wood in traditional Architecture of Kerala in accordance with vastushastra. Entire Rashichakra symbols are at the sanctum (Sreekovil) entrance which symbolizes Sri Sivaparvathi is the controller of entire universe. Chuttambalam also constructed out of krishna stone and wood. There exist a three storied east entrance to enter into the Temple Complex. Through east entrance Devotees can enter into Anakkottil. Pillars out of palm tree is one of the attractions of Anakkottil. South entrance to the Temple Complex is another attraction of the temple. There exist four entrances at chuttambalam of the temple.

On top of each entrance there is Gopuram in Kerala Architecture. Infront of East Nada (Main Entrance) there is kodimaram. Kodimaram (flag mast) is covered with copper plate. Structure of Nandi is present on top of the kodimaram. Small bells present at the top of the kodimaram always ring which is pleasant to hear. At chuttambalam Structures of Gajavyali in wood is there on both sides of the east entrance to the temple. Inside the east nada there is valiyabalikkallupura. On the roof of Valiyabalikkallupura there exist Navagraha Sculptures carved on wood. Dome shaped structure in a single piece of Krishnashila could be seen on top of the Namaskara mandapam. There exist 70 pillars which is the exhibition of excellency in sculpture. Sculptures of different characters in Hindu mythology could be seen at the temple which are produced by carving stone and wood. Inside the chuttambalam there is Sreekovil for Sivaparvathi . Idol for Sri Sivaparvathi is moulded in Panchaloham (5 Metals). Idol of Lord Siva and Sri Parvathi Devi is Poornakaya (full bodied) idol sitting together by giving blessing to entire universe. Dvadasa (12) Jyothirlingam of Lord Siva are installed inside the chuttambalam, surrounding Sri Sivaparvathi. There are 3 Golden Thazhikakkudam (top dome of the temple) on top of Sreekovil (Sanctum). A number of Thazhikakkudam could be seen on top of the chuttambalam. There exist Mani Kinar ( well ) at North East corner inside the Chuttambalam. There exist Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya temples inside the chuttambalam.

32 Forms of Lord Ganesha are installed and worshipped outside the chuttambalam at South-West corner of the Temple. At North-West corner of Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi Temple there is Mahalingam having 111feet height. Mahalingam at Maheswaram Temple is the world’s highest Sivalingam. Mahalingam has plenty of unique peculiarities. One of the peculiarities is its style of construction. Devotees can enter into this Mahalingam. The construction of this Sivalingam is based on Shadadharam.In addition to the 6 meditation halls there exist another 2 halls, one at the bottom and other at the top of the Mahalingam. Devotees are allowed to meditate at each meditation hall by knowing about and concentrating at symbols of each chakra present there.In the Prayer hall (at the bottom of Sivalingam), there is a large Sivalingam.Here Devotees themselves can worship Lord Siva and can proceed to the next six meditation halls to meditate by concentrating on symbols of each Adhara and finally devotees can reach Kailasam which is at the top level of Mahalingam. Way to the top level of the Mahalingam is spiral shaped and is surrounded by a cave like atmosphere and plenty of carvings (of Monks) pertained to meditation. Inside Mahalingam, 108 different Sivalingam and 64 forms of Lord Siva can be seen. The serene atmosphere inside the Sivalingam gives a rich spiritual experience to each devotee who visits Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi Temple.

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