Mandaikadu Bhagavathy Devi Temple is a blessed cherish arranged in the province of Tamil Nadu. An unquestionable requirement visit place with loved ones, the temple stands apart as a special revere of the radiant past.

Mandaikadu Bhagavathy Temple is a Hindu sanctuary devoted to the Hindu goddess Parvati (known as Bhagavathy) situated in Mandaikadu Village close to Colachel in the western shoreline of Kanyakumari District in the State of Tamilnadu. This temple is on the coastline is a sought-after explorer community for the two individuals of Tamilnadu and Kerala. The Temple is arranged close to Nagercoil – Colachel State interstate in Mandaikadu. This Temple was implicit Kerala custom in extremely basic style. Sacred trees for this sanctuary are Bo Tree and Neem. Pujas is performed multiple times every day. This Temple is administrated by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of Tamilnadu.

Mandaikadu Bhagavathy

The Kodai celebration at Mandaikadu is a significant celebration celebrated in March consistently. Travelers from southern pieces of Tamilnadu and Kerala participate in the festival. This temple is additionally generally called as “Ladies’ Sabarimala”. Aficionados love Bhagavathy Amman for the satisfaction of their assumptions. The 15 feet tall ant colony dwelling place is the Bhagavathy Amman. Since this sanctuary is Sabarimala for ladies, they visit the sanctuary with the Irumudi (a group containing pooja things for the Goddess) as men go to Sabarimala. She is likewise accepted to lead the nine planets or the Navagrahas in one’s visionary graph.


Mandaikadu Bhagavathy Devi Temple epitomizes a lovely authentic foundation. Long back in time, Sri Sankaracharya had the propensity for performing Srichakra Puja in the devout province of Kerala. This was normally finished with a lot of devotees consistently. At some point, wondering for no specific reason, Sri Sankaracharya remained at this spot for a drawn-out period consequently achieving his Samadhi. Unintentionally, it was a similar place where the Srichakra existed. Gradually, an ant colony dwelling place started to develop on a similar spot. Throughout the time span, the ant colony dwelling place got more grounded, and instances of youngsters being wounded by hitting it began being accounted for by Marthanda Varma, the then lord of Kerala. He dissected the whole circumstance and chose to construct a fabulous sanctuary on this spot. Standard pujas were held and consequently, it changed into a huge sanctuary around here. This antiquated history is prized in this Mandaikadu Bhagavathy Devi Temple which is likewise at times alluded to as the Bagavathi amman. This is essentially the 15 feet tall ant colony dwelling place that is cherished in the Sabarimala.


Mandaikadu Bhagavathy Devi Temple is accepted to be an exceptionally critical sanctuary. The Goddess is considered all strong and lovers have a ton of confidence in her endowments. Such is the commitment that committed fans to offer Magalsutra (the wedlock chain) and garments made of silk to satisfy the Goddess. It is likewise accepted that the people who offer appendages made of silver, get relieved of their condition of impediment. Childless couples are encouraged to offer support to the Devi. Indeed, even firecrackers are lit as it connotes cleaning from the underhanded effects. The place of worship itself is viewed as devout and blessed. Such is the seriousness of conviction that the mainstream society of Mansour eating which alludes to having food varieties that are put on the floor of the sanctuary, is drilled here. The food is viewed as the bog of the Goddess.

Mandaikadu Bhagavathy

Temple Opening Time

Morning Darshan Timing is from 5:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Evening Darshan Timing is from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Address:     Bhagavathy Amman Temple,

Mandaikadu, Kanyakumari District – 629 702

Phone        +91 4651 222 596

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