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58-ft-tall Gangadhareshwara sculpture that was recently unveiled at Azhimala Shiva Temple near Vizhinjam

58-ft-tall Gangadhareshwara sculpture at Azhimala Shiva Temple near VizhinjamAzhimala in Vizhinjam, Thiruvananthapuram, beautiful with the quiet yet unpredictable ocean, smooth fisherfolk, a modest bunch of travelers, and the worshipped Shiva Temple, is currently host to a gathering of sightseers. In magnificent wonder, a 58-ft-tall sculpture of Lord Shiva as Gangadhareswara, with his desolate, wild dreadlocks encasing a victorious Goddess Ganga, has been complicatedly etched anywhere nearby of the Azhimala sanctuary, neighboring the ocean.

Etched by 29-year-old P S Devadathan more than six long years, the substantial sculpture, mounted on a stone at an elevation of 20 ft from the ocean, summons superb greatness and a feeling of holiness. The Azhimala local was given over the mission by the sanctuary cleric.Azhimala Shiva Temple

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