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Attukal Pongala 2014 on 16th February

Attukal Pongala Festival 2014 at Attukal Devi Temple Trivandrum



The Attukal Pongala 2014 Festival begins on 8th February 2014 and concludes on 17th February 2014. The world famous Attukal Pongala is on February 16th 2014, Sunday.

Attukal Pongala is a famous festival celebrated annually at the renown of Attukal Devi Temple. Attukal Pongala Mahotsavam is not only celebrated in Trivandrum, the whole world is awaiting for the holy ceremony and every woman will pray to the Devi to bless them to be a part of it.

Attukal Ponkala Mahotsavam

‘Ponkala’ is the most important festival of Attukal Bhagavathy Temple. The offering of Ponkala is a very special temple practice in the southern part of Kerala. The ten-day- long celebration commences in the Malayalam month of Makaram-Kumbham (Feb – March)on the Karthika star. Ponkala ceremony is on the auspicious day of Pooram star which coincides with full moon. The festival commences with the musical rendering of the story of the Goddess (Kannaki Charitam) during the “Kappukettu ceremony”. The story invokes the presence of Kodungallur Bhagavathy and the slaying of the Pandyan King. The song will continue for all the nine days preceding Ponkala. The event of the Goddess annihilating the Pandyan King is accompanied by much sound and fury of the temple drums and “Vaykurava” by devotees, immediately followed by the lighting of the hearths for the preparation of the offering for the Goddess.